MK03 - MIKA-diclofenac spray

For the treatment of pain, inflammation and swellings in:
- musculoskeletal disorders such as sprain, strain, contusion caused
  by blunt traumatization of the joints and/or muscles,
- localised forms of soft-tissue rheumatism
- acute conditions in degenerative joint diseases (osteoarthritis) of
  superficial joints.
- further indications under clinical investigations

MK22 - MIKA-ketoprofen spray

For the treatment of local pain and inflammation


Increases microcirculation, for the treatment of sport injuries


systemically acting rapid pain reliever MK49 (buccal/transmucosal spray)


the highly innovative MK50, containing the nce (new chemical entity) tarenflurbil, exhibits a new mechanism of action for the treatment of local pain and inflammation. Tarenflurbil acts via inhibition of the inflammation-related activation of the transcription factors NF-kB and AP-1 and is an extraordinarily safe active even when used systemically. MK50 thus has the potential to become a valuable and safe alternative to conventional NSAIDs and corticosteroids in the treatment of pain and inflammation.


MIKA Pharma GmbH has obtained the worldwide exclusive rights for the topical epicutaneous use of tarenflurbil and has combined this new active with its highly innovative drug delivery systems.


The MK50 has the potential to become a very successful new medicine to treat various local painful and inflammatory conditions related to many skin disorders (incl. atopic dermatitis) and joint diseases (rheumatoid arthritis). Recent scientific work suggests that the dysregulation of NF-kappaB plays an important role in skin pathology, including proliferative disorders, e.g. psoriasis, inflammatory processes such as incontinentia pigmenti (IP), sunburn, Lyme disease, allergic contact dermatitis and autoimmune diseases, as well as also in skin carcinogenesis.


potent corticosteroid with reduced content of active


relatively new moderately potent corticosteroid with reduced content of active