MIKA™-spraygel technology
 MIKA™-liposome spray technology | MIKA™-spraygel technology | MIKA™-SILEC technology
  • much enhanced penetration and permeation of pharmaceutically active substances through the skin barrier
  • creation of a drug depot guaranteeing a long-term effect at the target site and thus reducing the frequency of dosing and the total treatment time
  • improved benefit/risk ratio (reduction in side-effects by prevention of toxic plasma concentrations)
  • higher product safety by more accurate dosage, due to the more exact spray system
  • rapid penetration of the whole formulation into the skin without leaving a residual fatty surface film (making surgical dressing unnecessary)
  • no need for additional gelling substances, known to inhibit drug penetration
  • no need for additional preserving substances, causing further problems in patients with allergies
  • no gastro-intestinal or hepatic first-pass effects
  • minimal risk of gastro-intestinal side-effects